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The Benefits of Using a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in the GTA

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Traffic Ticket Lawyers in the GTA

If you drive long enough, chances are you will receive a traffic ticket at some point. Whether it is your first ticket in 20 years or if you are a repeat offender, traffic ticket lawyers in the GTA are an important resource to help keep your driving record clean.
Traffic ticket lawyers can help you fight any driving charges that you are facing. This applies to minor tickets for violations such as speeding, but also includes major charges like impaired driving and driving under suspension.  It is especially important to fight major charges because they can result in a criminal record and even jail time, but even minor convictions will have negative impacts on your wallet as well as your driving record.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

It is important to fight any ticket that results in a conviction on your driving record, regardless of whether the charge carries demerit points or not. It is a common belief that insurance companies will forgive one minor ticket over few years, but this is rarely the case.
Convictions for minor offenses such as speeding, running a red light or even not wearing a seatbelt can result in insurance rate increases. Many drivers believe that as long as the ticket does not carry demerit points, the insurance will not be affected. This is not true in most cases. Demerit points are used to determine your right to have a license. If you acquire too many demerit points in a short period of time, you may have your license suspended. Most insurance companies focus on driving records and recognize convictions as the major criteria dictating insurance premiums for clients.
If a conviction for a minor traffic ticket can wreak havoc on your insurance rates, imagine what a conviction for a major offense such as careless driving will do. A number of small convictions or a single major conviction can make it extremely difficult to find an insurance company that will provide insurance. Residents of Ontario already pay the highest insurance rates in Canada. Traffic convictions cause those rates to go even higher.

Successfully Fighting Your Ticket

Traffic ticket lawyers servicing the GTA simplify the process of fighting any type of traffic ticket or driving charge. Some of the top traffic ticket representation companies have been helping motorists to successfully get tickets and charges of all types dismissed for over 20 years.
The advantages of enlisting the help of experienced and professional traffic ticket lawyers cannot be overstated.  These people have the expertise and real court experience necessary to effectively resolve every type of charge. This involves looking at each client’s unique situation, requesting to view evidence (including police officer notes) as well as filing any necessary legal motions. In the case of minor charges, the traffic ticket lawyer can attend court on the client’s behalf bringing even more convenience to the process.
Don’t take chances with your driving record and insurance premiums. Find out how a traffic ticket lawyer in the GTA can help you fight any driving conviction today.
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